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Farnham Music and Drama

78 Tilford Road




Tel: 01252 727617 

Find us & Parking

We are located on 78 Tilford Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8DW which is just up from Farnham Railway Station between Morley/Langley Road and Menin Way/Great Austins.  As you travel from the train station and get to the set of traffic lights at the intersection of Menin Way and Great Austins you will find us on the right, it is the second house just before the traffic lights.  Please use the gate on the right with the logo on and make your way to the studio at the back.

Important: Please see the parking section below for important information about where to park. 


Please do not park in front of numbers 74 and 76 to the right of Farnham Music and Drama.  
I know you just want to drop your child off but can I ask we keep these drives clear as our neighbours need the road clear for emergency purposes and for access to their drives.  If you can walk here, please do otherwise can we please respect our neighbours and park responsible.   Your help and understanding are very much appreciated.
Below is a map of the roads where parking is permitted with the corresponding key below:

1. In front of FMD - Parking without a permit is allowed from 6pm to 8am Monday - Fridays and free all weekends.
2. Parking along Great Austins and Menin Way.  There is a white line on either side of the road along Great Austins which is not a restriction; it just indicates the edge of the road.  Please do not park on the northern side of Great Austins or Menin way as this cause major traffic issues.